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Sonny and Peaches

                                                  THE BOYS                                                                                                         THE GIRLS
Big news, our girl Peaches has had a wonderful litter, born 6-28 2017. This has been an ongoing project for me. If you are new to Big Paws you are probably unaware that Peaches is Bella's daughter. I set out years ago to create a female with Bella's overall confirmation that was closer to the breed standard. That is to say that at a glance Bella is amazing but at 145 lbs her only flaw is that she is a bit too large. My goal was to create a female with Bella's overall appearance and temperament that was closer to 125 lbs. So I brought in an amazing Male [ lars or Lawrence ] and bred with Bella and kept the 2 females from that litter that were the shorter, stockier of the females, here are a few pics of those girls. Peaches of coarse with her sister Butters and a photo of our friend Pastor Norrell's girl also from that litter. 
It was a tough choice but at about 4 and a half months old peaches was the best overall pick, knowing that I was going to keep only one of the 2 sisters I was careful to make arrangements in advance with a close friend that breeds and shows to ensure that whichever of the girls did not stay with me would have a loving home. I see her fairly regularly she is doing quite well. And so, now here we are 2 years later and I believe that we have moved 1 giant step in the right direction with a shorter stockier 125lb version of our girl Bella in an effort to create the perfect Cane Corso.