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Follow up Corso pics

Hello, first I would like to thank everyone for sending me pictures of their babies so that we can watch them grow along with you. From time to time I find myself in conversation with someone who is not entirely familiar with the breed and I am asked many questions about everything from social behaviors to what I feed my dogs, but I think the most frequently asked question is about size. I think that when you talk to most people who are not familiar with Cane corso the assumption is that as a mastiff breed they are large lumbering dogs that may be as large as 200 lbs. The fact is that the breed standard in just over half of that amount and frankly I cannot imagine that a more athletic breed exists. That is to say in my opinion these are among the most physically capable dogs in the world. Anyone who has owned a Corso knows that the question is not what can they do. The real question is what can't they do. On a lighter note, lets have some fun........... 
When people send me pics I drop them into a folder on my desktop and then when I find time share them here in a folder on the photo's page titled "follow up photo's - Corso " and over the years this folder has grown to nearly 700 pictures at last count. They were however added in no specific order and I realize that this makes it very difficult for you as you browse through them to see them as anything but a random collection of photo's. So I thought that we should build a page that helps us see at least a handful of those photo's in the actual order of progression.  In the case of this first slide show, what do you do when you have narrowed your choice down to 3 puppies but you can't decide which puppy to get all 3. So here are Leslie's puppies from 8 weeks old playing in my yard to 10 months old and 100 lbs on her farm.

Leslie's babies




Here are a couple cool puppy - adult pics.
Ok, I had fun with that page and I hope that you did as well.